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Tissot is a distinct brand that was established independently, while Tissot is a well-known Swiss watchmaker in its own right. Although there may be similarities in their names, they are not directly related in terms of ownership or manufacturing

Keep your Warranty Card as proof of Purchase. Review the warranty terms provided with your watch for coverage details. If you encounter any issues within the warranty period, contact Watch Zone's customer support with your purchase details or Visit Our Service Center: Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall, Level-4, Shop No.: 459,.Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Follow any specified procedures for warranty service outlined by the watch brand or Watch Zone. If required, follow shipping instructions for sending your watch to the designated service center. Once received, the service center will inspect and, if necessary, repair your watch under warranty. After service, your watch will be returned to you. Enjoy your timepiece with the assurance of the warranty coverage. For specific details or assistance, reach out to Watch Zone's customer support.

To make a purchase at Watch Zone, you can visit Our online store at Browse through Our curated collection of authentic watches, select your desired timepiece and add it to the cart, Review your cart and proceed to checkout, Enter shipping details and choose a payment method, Complete the payment process or Select Cash in Delivery, Receive an order confirmation via email & SMS, Await shipment notification with tracking details, Receive and enjoy your new watch! For assistance, contact Our customer support, Phone: 01934-764333. Happy shopping!

Watch Zone has multiple showrooms for your convenience: Showroom: 01 Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall, Level-4, Shop No.: 459, 426, 437, 438 & 439.Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Showroom: 02 Shimanto Square Shopping Mall, Level-3, Shop No.: 203. Dhanmondhi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Showroom: 03 Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall, Level-2, Shop No: 261-262. Gulshan-1, Dhaka: 1212, Bangladesh. Feel free to visit any of these locations to explore Our collection of authentic watches.

All products sold on Watch Zone are 100% authentic and guaranteed. Watch Zone purchases its inventory via authorized dealers or respected industry wholesalers/distributors. Our watches are guaranteed to be authentic, brand new, and come with all of the original parts. All watches have the original manufacturer’s serial numbers intact and are not refurbished or factory seconds